AFORM offers production of interiors for shops . The customer has the possibility to get help from our design office to work out ideas and sketches before manufacturing. We also manufacture interior with high security requirements.



With the latest technology, we perform advanced manufacturing throughout the interiors and contract furniture industry. 
Facts: CNC means Computer Numerical Control. A CNC is an efficient computer controlled woodworking machine that can perform drilling , sawing and milling. With the help of the control system can produce complex parts in an automatic way.



To restaurants and cafés we perform custom interiors and can provide the entire project at the instance. renovation or new construction. With a total construction can we help the customer to project manage the construction right from the drawing stage to the turnkey business.


For several years, we are working with the composite material
HI-Macs, a material with many possibilities. Some of the 
advantages is the possibility of conformable, provides seamless constructions, is very durable, hygienic and easy to repair


As a supplier of custom designed stairs, we can manufacture stairs in variations of models and types of wood. Our design office will help you design your staircase and customize it for private houses or larger residential projects.



With a sense of sophistication and function we can manufacture your home interior and make it personal so it lives in harmony with you and your surroundings We design, 
manufactures and assembles your dream home interior.



AFORM has long experience of office interiors and office furniture, therefore we can produce the occasional special units or larger quantities for example . office landscape .



Modern , simple or luxurious kitchen in adaptation to each customer and their requirements for material performance and quality. Aform has for many years manufactured kitchen for home, office and school environment. We work with simple methods and materials in a well thought out approaches to achieving good results and maintain the sense of design and quality